Cell-Tech Hardcore | MUSCLETECH 2011

Is building mass the only goal of adding a creatine supplement to your diet?
If that’s the only goal, you might want to make sure and try Cell-Tech Hardcore.
According to the Cell-Tech Hardcore site, taking Cell-tech Hardcore is clinically
proven to be 26 times more powerful at helping you gain mass.
That’s nice but
usually the desired mass you want is muscle. Cell Tech Hardcore may help you
increase 10 lbs of mass, but that mass may actually be a combination of water
weight, fat and muscle mass. So will Cell Tech Hardcore help you add muscle?

That’s the biggest question for almost every creatine supplement. When using
Cell Tech Hardcore you are going to add up to 600 calories to your diet, so
you can almost be sure you are going to gain something. But is that something,
what you want it to be? Based on the information given by on the site, there
is no way to determine if that weight is going to be fat, muscle or just water.
Creatine is a proven way to increase muscle mass, but is this version any better
than much cheaper products?

To find that out we looked further into the ingredients. Cell Tech Hardcore is
a very complicated supplement with a number of different, blends, formulas and
matrixes packed into one formula. As soon as we looked further, we started
having more and more questions on whether Cell Tech Hardcore is anything but
a regular creatine supplement for a much greater cost. The Osmodrol blend
includes Taurine and glutamine. There is no proof either enhance creatine uptake
and help build muscle mass. As far as the Insulodrive blend goes all you get is
another complicated blend of impotent ingredients.

At the end of the day, the long list of ingredients has no relation to whether
or not you are getting a high quality creatine supplement. In fact, we’d suggest
a much more concentrated formula. And you can find those for a much better price
than you can get Cell Tech Hardcore for.

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